Introduction -DeStress The Mess -Change Your Mindset, Increase Your Joy

WELCOME and CONGRATULATIONS for taking the first step in minimizing stress and anxiety from your life. I know from personal experience how difficult it is to make a decision to do something to change a part of your life that just isn’t working for you anymore. I know, I have been there.

Seven years ago I was stressed out and diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. I had become so functional in my dysfunction that I didn’t even know I was as stress-out and anxious. I really thought that waking up in the morning feeling like I was going straight down hill on a roller coaster with no restraints was not only normal, but okay! It took an ephiany and an event in my life to wake me up and get some help.

It is because of this help that I received, and the change in my lifestyle that I am now living a life I love and enjoy. It wasn’t easy, in fact making a change in my lifestyle involved some sacrifice, and some uncomfortable moments. I pushed through those more difficult moments because I had an ultimate goal of not being anxious, worried, stressed out and just plain sick. (click here to hear my story )

The information I share with you in this course are the methods I used to destress my mess. While there are 21 tips that I share with you, I encourage you to experiment with each one to determine what works best for you. It may be that only one or two stick, or perhaps you find all of them have value in your journey to destress the mess. Whatever you decide there is no right or wrong. There is only the clarity you receive when you start to feel that “ah-ha” when something clicks and you start feeling better.

You can do one DeStressfirmation a day or you can do more. The pace and time you take to do this course is totally up to you. I suggest that you take a look at each one and decide where you want to start. With the exception of Destressfirmation™ #21 all the other DeStressfirmations can be started at any time in no particular order.

Our life is a journey. A journey meant to be enjoyed and lived. While we do have stresses in our lives, challenges that might cause anxiety, or issues of concern that are unpleasant we can still survive them without taking our minds and our bodies through unnecessary changes. We can live a full and joyful life even when the stresses come. We just need to learn to destress the mess and enhance the joy in our life!

INSTRUCTIONS :This course is self-directed. You can take it all in one day or break up your study to fit your schedule. Most students take the course in a couple of hours and then go back to listen to the lectures and download the various attachments. At the top of each page is an audio clip. Click on that audio clip for your lecture.