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Weight Release and Wellness Coaching Program

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Have you tried to get your weight under control, but the more you try the more difficult it is to lose those extra pounds?
Do your friends tell you "well that’s just what happens as you age?"
Do you often stare in the mirror and wonder, who is this woman?
Do you secretly believe:

  • It's really hard to release weight in mid-life?
  • Nothing can be done about the flab on my arms, waist, and buttocks?
  • Gravity happens and barring surgery, nothing can be done?


You don’t have to accept the extra weight gain, you don’t have accept the flab, and you don’t have to accept the way you are feeling.

You can say YES to:

  • Dropping the inches and pounds
  • Firming up your arms, buttocks and defining your tummy
  • Feeling positive, upbeat and energetic

Mind, Body, and Soul

The Transformational Wellness Trio is bringing you an online coaching program that will give you total wellness transformation for your mind, body, and soul. A program that uses fitness, nutrition, spiritual renewal and holistic practices to get fit, look fit and stay fit for life. A program that is affordable and will give you the results you want, if you are ready to commit to getting focused and if your ready to commit to doing what’s necessary to make a lifestyle change that will transform your life for the better.

What is included in this course?

Lynnis Woods-Mullins, Holistic Wellness and Living Expert,
is the nutrition guru and will take you on a nutritional journey to help you get the results you want.

Lynnis’s program includes:

  • Weekly healthy and tasty meal plan
  • Weekly healthy recipes
  • Healthy DeTox
  • Weight Release, Energy Increase Smoothies
  • Subliminal Messaging Videos
  • Weekly Affirmation/Confirmation Videos
  • Yoga for Weight Release
  • Walking for Weight Release
  • 40% off 1:1 Holistic Living and Weight Coaching

"I have learned that releasing weight takes a lifestyle change involving your mind, body and soul. Releasing weight is a journey that requires we address making a lifestyle change that honors that connection between the mind, body and soul" Lynnis Woods-Mullins – Holistic Wellness and Living Expert for Women Over 40

Keisha Dixon, The Tapping Queen - Will use the holistic practice of tapping that will have a strong impact on how you view yourself and undo the negative programming that contributed to your weight gain.

Keisha’s program includes:

  • Monthly mindset training
  • Weekly turbo tapping
  • Monthly tapping masterclass
  • Self-confidence & self-esteem processes
  • Clarity and focus processes
  • Weekly mindset challenges
  • 40% off all offers including 1:1 Mindset Mentoring
"Even being incredibly smart women, being honest, sometimes we take ourselves down first. Even if you are very good at hiding it, there is a cost to self-doubt, and it shows up in your health, your weight, and your body confidence. 
You can change your inner level of confidence and self-esteem. There is a way to transform this, and we are here to guide you." Keisha Dixon, The Tapping Queen

How Does This Work?

You can work at your own speed and go back into the "classroom"as often as you like. Total Wellness Transformation is a three-month program is a 3 month program but once you have purchased the class you can log in as at anytime for refresshers and motivation. You will also be enrolled in the Total Transformation Facebook Group without others who are on the same journey that you are. Everyday we have postings to motivate , inform and inspire. Once a week we have a Facebook LIVE where you can interact with the group and ask the coaches questions. Once every two weeks we have challneges to keep you on top of your game and to encourage you to reach all your wellness goals.

Here what our clients say about our programs:

Keisha Dixon

“Keisha is a breath of fresh air in the tapping world. Well, in the world in general, really!Her bespoke tapping scripts are incredible. If you haven’t had any luck with following along to generic scripts, work with Keisha! The results will blow your mind and shift fears you have been holding onto for years.”

Laura Powner Mind & Money Mentor

“As a wealth therapist, I have done A LOT of tapping, years worth and I have NEVER been as deeply transformed as I have by Keisha’s custom tapping scripts. Her voice, her energy, and her power is unparalleled. I listen to her scripts daily and they have caused an enormous shift in my ability to energize, motivate, and meet my inner self exactly where I need to be to create massive change. By far, she is someone I feel heard by and relate to unlike a lot of the tapping stuff I have come across previously that just didn’t land as authentically as it does with Keisha and her incredible gift of knowing how to speak to your fears and ambitions. Her tools are incredible and she has helped many of my clients address long standing issues with her work.”

- Agnes Kowalski Forbes and USA Weekly Featured Wealth Therapist

"She is a true coach in every sense of the word! She clearly explains what steps to take and why she is very patient when you don’t quite get it the first time.”

Cheryl Pope Clark Online Entrepreneur

“It’s always been easy for me to love myself. But it wasn’t until I started working with Keisha that I started to VALUE myself! One of Keisha’s gifts is setting others on the right path. Whether it’s help with wording, goal setting or mind set, Keisha always gives me the gentle push I need to keep moving FORWARD. So grateful to have met her!

– Tamara Wockenfuss @BecomeAFearlessMama

“God sent me one of his angels. If you ever felt like you hit rock bottom and didn’t know how to get back up or maybe you have bumped into one of life’s brick walls and didn’t know where to turn, then please, please, please book a session with Keisha Dixon! My background was full of bottoms and brick walls. Keisha helped me get out of that bottomless pit, she steered me around those brick walls and shined a light on me that is so bright, even I am in awe of myself. Because of her I am the Founder and CEO of my own company and I am no longer just trying to do anything, I AM ACTUALLY DOING IT! I am convinced God sent me one of his Angels and I am and always will be forever grateful!"

Gina Smith Online Health and Wellness Coach

Lynnis Woods-Mullins

"I then hired Lynnis as my holistic nutritionist and working with her 121 I have never felt lighter, more energetic, and enthusiastic about mindful eating and I’m releasing weight and dropping inches." Karen Travis - Actress and Educator

" I have worked with Lynnis as my wellness coach for 5 years. I once suffered from obesity and anxiety. That is completely gone and much as to do with Lynnis' style of support and all the resources she shars" Priscilla Stanley - Attorney

" It's been a long time since I have invested in my well being. I am happy to say that Lynni's nutritin and yoga program was worth the investment" Lila Cooke - Teacher

" Love the results, love working with Lynnis I have leaerned so much about nutrition and it is so easy to stick with what she has taught me. The other part of Lynnis's program is it was easy to do once I committed to it. Living this way is now a part of my lifestyle. " Yosan Dandridge - IT Analyst

Your Instructor

Lynnis Woods-Mullins. Keisha Dixon
Lynnis Woods-Mullins. Keisha Dixon

Lynnis Woods-Mullins CHC,CLC,CPI, is a Certified Holistic Living and Wellness Expert and Certified Life Coach for women over 40 and Founder of PraiseWorks Health and Wellness a faith based mind, body, spirit wellness company that specializes in educating women 40 and over on wellness. Lynnis’s company educates Women over 40 about wellness through coaching programs, e-books, DVD’s, radio programs, webinars, a digital magazine, and podcast programs/video series. The focus topics are educating women about holistic practices, fitness, nutrition, and spiritual renewal.

Prior to Lynnis entering the world of wellness, she was a successful Human Resource Executive for a large HMO. She attended undergrad at Spelman College. In 2009 Lynnis decided it was time for a change and at the age of 51 started PraiseWorks Health and Wellness.

Lynnis has over 40 years experience in dance and is an accomplished Praise Dancer. She is also accomplished in Yoga and Pilates. Lynnis is host and producer “The Wellness Journey-LIVE!” “The Wellness Woman Show”, and her newest live show on YouTube “Living Well Woman – Holistic Living and Wellness For Sisters”. Her shows are heard on I-Heart Radio, Itunes, PodBean, Spreaker , YouTube, Self Discovery Network and over 100 FM radio stations.

Lynnis is the Publisher and Editor-n-Chief of the digital magazine Wellness Woman 40 and Beyond, Different Background…Same Journey a mind.body spirit e-magazine for women over 40. Lynnis is co-author and editor of “DeStress The Mess-Minimizing the Impact of Stress on Your Body, Maximizing the Joy in Your Life” collaborative e-book. Lynnis signature coaching program is “DeStress The Mess” a holistic stress reduction program, that is now available as a virtual self-directed teaching program also entitled “DeStress The Mess”. She has recently launched Total Wellness Transformation, wellness and virtual weight release program.

Lynnis has been recognized as a Health Advocate for Women and has received national and regional awards for her work. Lynnis was recently a finalist for WEGO Health Advocacy Award. Lynnis’s company was also recognized as Visionary Business of the Year by the National Association of Women Owned Businesses. Lynnis also writes for several blogs and is a featured columnist for Women’s Voices E-Magazine, Sacramento Observer Empowerment Series, Post40Blogger, Hive Health Media and Curejoy.com. For almost 10 years Lynnis has done countless radio shows, speaking engagements, and has appeared in print media throughout the United States.

Lynnis is married and the proud mother of four grown daughters and three grandchildren.

Keisha Dixon, The Tapping Queen is a transformtional wealth coach and the author of 1000's of EFT (tapping scripts), and a Worthiness Dectective.

With Tapping Into Wealth and John Maxwell Coaching Certifications, Keisha guides women to experience healing, increased confidence, and increased income as they transform to the most powerful version of themselves.

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